Importance of a healthy breakfast

A very important meal of the day, which also tends to be always missed at the same time, is none other than… Breakfast. For some people, skipping breakfast plays a factor for their weight loss regime. It has been a notion going around for many years that skipping meals will make losing excess fat easier. However, a number of studies had proved the total opposite of this belief.


In reality, people who skip the first meal are those who actually eat more and consume higher calories throughout the day to satisfy their hunger. Eating bigger meal portions and high-calorie snacks a few times a day both do not contribute to helping an individual lose weight. It is still recommended to frequently eat smaller portions of meals containing the same total amount of calories daily. An easy healthy breakfast can be the difference between being at peak optimal condition or being a mere shadow of your former self, check out some of the many advantages;

Body burns calories while sleeping

If you think the calories remain intact when you sleep, you are wrong. The body still burns calories even when you sleep, accounting for the nutrients’ digestion all throughout the night. However, since the body is at rest, fewer calories are burnt during sleeping. Calories account for the body’s ability to gain weight; therefore, a good pump up would suffice to burn them properly right when you wake up.

Kids need it most

More than the adults, kids need to eat breakfast and must not practice to skip the habit at a young age. Important nutrients are best absorbed during breakfast that may aid in helping their bodies grow and develop more brain activity. Studies show that children who do not eat the most important meal of the day are usually the poor performers in school.

Activate metabolic rate

In order to stay in shape, it is best not to skip breakfast the moment you start the day. Eating breakfast serves as a fuel to start up the engine (metabolism) after several hours of break. It activates the metabolic rate faster than an early morning exercise.

What happens when you skip breakfast

Usually, blood sugar levels drop significantly when you skip breakfast accompanied by a slow metabolic rate. Since it has been several hours since you last ate and drank, your body may feel a little less energetic than the usual. In addition to that, the low sugar levels account for craving more by the time you’re ready for a meal during lunch, snack or dinner time.

On the other hand, eating a healthy breakfast satisfies the contained hunger, making you feel more nourished which helps in preventing you from eating too much throughout the entire day.

Nonetheless, most people still prefer to skip breakfast not because they want to, but because certain circumstances prevent them from doing so. Here are some reasons why some do not eat breakfast and tips on how to make it possible for some people:

Time is valuable

Busy individuals claim that they do not have enough time to eat breakfast to rush for work every morning. That’s easy! You could try preparing your breakfast at night, like for example a sandwich; so that when you wake up, all you have to do is grab that food for a quick munch.

If you still do not have time to prepare at night, buy healthy snacks at the grocery like fruit juice, milk or bread. These foods do not need more time to prepare; you could simply eat it right away.

And if by chance you still cannot do that, you may stuff your office drawer with some breakfast finger foods, so that when you get there early, you could eat a little first before the working hours roll by.

Exercise over breakfast

Experts agree that a meal before exercise in the morning will boost your metabolism during the workout. It triggers your body to burn more calories when you exercise. However, some people feel uncomfortable performing exercise after eating. This is not a problem. Eating bread, biscuit or even a banana before your routine exercise will do the trick. Through this technique, your metabolism will advance greater than before.

Conversely, a full meal must be eaten at least an hour before indulging into a heavy workout to avoid health complications. Remember, no matter how big or small your breakfast would be, it is already enough to trigger a fantastic metabolism response.

Overeating at night

Some people, who choose neither exercise nor rush out to get to work early, have a different reason behind skipping breakfast. That is because they do not feel hungry just yet. Overeating at night plays a big factor for people who belong in this category. Suggested low-calorie snacks include an apple, whole-grain cereals, fruit-flavored yogurt and the likes.

There are some that don’t recommend breakfast, try to keep in mind that every ones body is differen’t and listen to your body and do what is best for you

Secret Training Tips of Celebrities

celeb workoutsSo you dream of owning a nice sexy figure like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez? Maybe building some incredible muscles like Hugh Jackman’s at a mature age? Ever wonder how Scott Adkins has a lot of muscle whilst still maintaining his speed and agility?? How do these busy personalities manage their time with work-outs? Worry no more. We have more information to inspire you and help spark up your motivation. Turn your dreams into reality as we share to you the secret training tips of your favourite celebrities!

What’s in it for them?

Easy – fame. Most celebrities with hot sexy bodies get the most endorsements, projects, fans and contracts from major production companies. Having a perfect body is a plus since they live in a world where everything about the physical appearance matters. People always critic or praise them in either way, so they must always appear naturally pleasing to the eyes of the audience. Famous celebrities often carry a huge amount of determination and motivation when they head the gym to work out. Alongside with the positive attitude comes big pressure as well.

Pushing harder

According to Harley Pasternak, a Los Angeles trainer who worked at the gym with Jessica Simpson, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, it’s usual for celebrities to live a busy life. Therefore, the time they allot for gym work outs shouldn’t take longer than their preference. Also, they don’t enjoy it as much when people start to take stolen pictures of them during their training. With these thoughts, Pasternak created a program to push the celebrities harder every session for them to burn more fats and calories in a shorter period of time. It is composed of numerous short but high-intensity routines that could be performed whenever and anywhere for their own convenience.

Shifting roles

David Kingsbury, a former MMA fighter with his own training gym studio for celebrities, shared his experience for working with Hugh Jackman for the past 2 years. When he first met Jackman, the man was very lean and close to normal human-built muscles than his present ultra-muscular body. Jackman told him his goals for the film contracts he had and Kingsbury immediately responded to his demands. He worked with Jackman for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week to build the gigantic muscles he had now. Their camaraderie went on for 2 years until the desired built was achieved. Hugh also worked along Scott Adkins in his movie X men Origins. This would have given him first hand experience of Scott Adkins exercise routine. For those of you who don’t know Scott, he played the character Deadpool as the stunt double for Ryan Reynolds.

scott deadpool

Look confident in your clothes

Who wouldn’t believe that celebrities still feel conscious on their almost-perfect figures? Braganza, a former cheerleader, claims that the weighing scale isn’t the only way to tell if you’ve gained weight or remained fit. By fitting in her old cheerleader uniform, she could easily tell if she’s gained or not. She also added that she still feels confident on her body knowing her uniform from years ago still fits perfectly her figure.

Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry also felt the same when the very challenging role of Catwoman was given to them with the inclusion of tight body-hugging leather costume. Every curve, necessary or not, is very much visible to the eyes of the critics. Heidi Klum also managed to get back in shape after giving birth when the Victoria’s Secret fashion show became her motivation to walk the runway in confidence.

Walk, walk and walk

As what Pasternak noticed, most people who walk a lot show a fitter and healthier builds than those who slack off. Pasternak recommended walking at least 10,000 steps a day for a healthier lifestyle if you couldn’t squeeze proper exercise into your busy schedule. Celebrities who went into this program include new mommies and celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and Megan Fox. Pasternak recommended this since new moms couldn’t go on a heavy training right away after giving birth. He recommended walking or strolling with the babies as an easier form of exercise for them.

Extreme determination

For the film Wolverine, Hugh Jackman consistently trained harder than anybody else to achieve his desired body in just 5 months. Kingsbury claimed that the results weren’t noticeable at first but began to boost when they were working on their third month. It was Jackman’s extreme determination to fully internalize his character in the movie.

Identifying your body shape

Not all routines that your idols undergo are effective for everyone. Kirsch, a celebrity trainer, clearly explained that the body shape must be identified first before jumping into a routine work out. For example, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore both appear to possess a fit body. However, little did we know, their bodies are shaped differently whenever they gain weight.

Jennifer Lopez is a pear-shaped, wherein her weight is mostly centered on her thighs and butt. Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, is an apple-shaped where her gained fats go directly to her midsection. Rowing machines, planks and boxing are among the recommended routines for apples. Also, pull-ups and bench presses could add up to the emphasis on your upper extremities. Alternatively, pears should avoid heavy leg exercises to avoid building bulk in the lower part of the body.

Find time

If you think you’re too busy to get started with your dream body, think again. Celebrities are busy people too, living the stardom and fame with all eyes on them wherever they go. They schedule many appointments, meet new people and still head onto the gym afterwards for a couple of hours. Hugh Jackman started working out at least an hour a day until he was very eager to push himself with 3-4 hours maximum.

List down your little accomplishments

Whether you’ve lost 30 lbs or you managed to replace soda with water, write it down. Your little accomplishments would eventually motivate you when you feel like giving up one day. Through this, your goals are clear to you once everything is blurry and you don’t see a single difference from your body after trying so hard. You would realize how these little ones helped you reach bigger goals when you put everything together. Appreciate your efforts as well as your achievements. Remember the saying, “No pain, no gain”.

Toxins Found in Cosmetics


toxins-in-cosmetics_2-300x224It isn’t unknown to many of us that cosmetics contain various chemicals used to retain the effect of beauty products for a while. The manufacturing companies claimed that the amounts of the dangerous substances included in their products are highly regulated to meet the standards required internationally. However, with the constant use of cosmetics daily, many of us become prone to certain diseases, some of them are fatal.

To help consumers develop awareness, here is a short list of dangerous chemicals that are commonly found in popular cosmetics:


These substances could be generally found in most products such as shampoos, lotions, fragrances and even bottles of nail polish. Phthalates are generally toxins that are hard to avoid when buying cosmetics over-the-counter in the U.S. Though they are considered as toxins, most manufacturers still use them up to the present for the belief that the amount included in the product is used with proper regulation.

With that being said, a famous American company proudly verified that FDA has approved the use of phthalates in cosmetics and haven’t classified it as a potential health risk. However, prolong and continuous exposure to phthalates contributes to factors involving cancer, birth defects and infertility.


Famously known to be present in high concentrations, lead made it to the headlines of fashion and health literatures after being found in lipsticks. . Lead is a toxic metal, usually present in the form of a contaminant in lipsticks. It is also linked to serious diseases such as cancer and birth defects.

Through the use of lipsticks, women ingest this toxin unknowingly after some time of usage. Since the law against the use of lead in paints was permitted internationally, more women became aware of its health hazards.


Formerly known as a preservative to prolong shelf life of some cosmetics, Parabens are added to products to avoid wastage on the manufacturer’s part at the expense of risking the consumers’ lives. With the unique capability of mimicking the body’s hormones, Parabens are believed to be a causative agent of breast cancer and some reproductive diseases.


Also believed to cause breast cancer, aluminum is often found as a base of most antiperspirants. Its action includes blocking the sweat glands of the armpits temporarily. Some theories link the use of antiperspirants rich in aluminum to breast cancer, since most breast cancer cells begin from the part closest to the armpits. It is believed that aluminum is absorbed by the epidermis layer of the skin when damaged during shaving. Studies also show that aluminum could react with the cells and affect the natural function of estrogen hormone on women, which plays a vital role in reproductive organs.


There are lots of beauty products out in the market today promising wonderful results when you apply it to your skin. Always check the label before buying to make sure that the cosmetics are toxin-free. You could also opt for organic cosmetics manufactured by concerned beauty companies worldwide. Remember, nothing could be more essential than your own health.


Starting a Raw Food Diet

rawfoodpyramidGetting the most out of the healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables is not as tricky as you think for a raw food diet. Experts believed that cooked foods have a high tendency of losing vitamins and minerals during the process since the helpful enzymes which play important roles in our body are destroyed when cooking. Also, the use of additives or preservatives when cooking could contribute to destruction of the vital nutrients. In order to avoid this and to maintain the freshness, you could start eating a raw food diet. An effective diet requires extensive research for your desired weight and ideal healthy lifestyle.


One could get lots of benefits from practicing this diet but must also be careful to watch out for the lack of nutrients that could only be found in meats, fish, pastries and other cooked foods. The most noticeable effect of raw food diet is losing unnecessary weight, which is primarily due to low calories, sodium and fat offered by the fresh raw foods. Also, most foods included in this diet are high in fiber, which promotes good digestion.

Food Choices

The range for your food choices include beans, dried or fresh fruits, raw vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains. Most of these foods could be unprocessed and could be eaten without cooking, the usual way we eat it even before starting the raw food diet. You could make use of kitchen tools such as blenders and food processors as well.

Some of the foods you should try include varieties from eggs, dairy products, raw fish and raw meats. Though eating raw fish and meat products are not highly recommended due to food poisoning incidents, you could also warm or heat it a little by not exceeding 118° F or 48° C.

Just remember to wash and clean your food thoroughly in running water before you prepare to eat it. Safety is our main concern.

Gather Information

Before becoming an advocate for a healthy raw food diet, you must start first by learning the basic knowledge and concepts of uncooked food regimen. Through this, you could fully enjoy its philosophy and purpose. Read through the internet or go to the library and bookstores for the search of valuable information, this should include historical backgrounds and nutritional analysis.

Join a Group

If you’re afraid of trying it on your own, look for someone or a friend who is willing to start together with you or a group of individuals who are on the same track as you are. Look for online groups available in your community and international organizations who could share new information and ideas to you. With the use of social media as a form of marketing nowadays, you could also easily find helpful groups in Facebook and Twitter who organize events and meet-ups for enthusiasts. It is also the best place wherein you could ask questions.

Don’t Be Scared

It’s your first time and you’re totally scared or grossed of the fact that you need to eat uncooked foods. Don’t give too much worry on it when you doubt the flavour and the idea of eating the foods raw. Some people find serenity from eating raw fruits and veggies, since they are losing weight yet gaining more nutrients from it.

Ease of Preparation

Since the foods do not need to be cooked, the preparation will only take you a couple of minutes from washing to slicing your food. You could start munching as soon as you finish preparing. Also look for ingredients that could be easily available in your area and with the cheaper value compared to those which need shipping from other towns.

Use of Kitchen Tools

To complete your raw food diet, you could provide yourself the right kitchen tools that are more appropriate for organizing fresh foods. With the right tools, you could save more time and energy from preparing your meal. Some basic useful tools include sharp knives, durable chopping board, blenders, juicers and food processors. When buying, always make sure that everything is easy to use and clean to avoid inconvenience in your part.


Best Source of Food

It is advisable to purchase organic fruits and vegetables for people who practice raw food diet. This is because the conventionally grown crops are usually exposed to the use of pesticides and other chemicals. However, organic foods are often priced a little bit higher than the inorganically grown crops. So you might want to plant and harvest your own for your preference. Start with easy plants where you could harvest your food for a few weeks right away. Also consider the size of plant boxes and the required amount of sunlight for their optimal growth.

Recommended Foods

As mentioned above, the foods do not limit the person that much. There is a wide variety of raw foods to choose from. Make sure you stock up with a variety of green veggies and fruits in your kitchen counter. As for the sprouts, you can change the water in the jar as frequent as every 5 days. You could also purchase dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, coconut, goji berries, mangoes, apricot and apples. Almonds, beans, grains, legumes and sunflower seeds are also recommended. Apple cider is the vinegar of choice for its high malic content which aids in the digestion of proteins. Seaweeds such as nori, hijiki, wakame and dulse flakes, commonly used in Japanese cuisines, are best known for their anti-cancer properties. The use of oil, salt, herbs and spices will also boost your taste preference in raw food diet.


Since raw foods are unprocessed and uncooked, their deterioration time is quicker than the usual prepared foods. You must be able to consume them right away to enjoy the freshness and crispiness of your meal. If you prefer to eat it later, you may store the food in airtight containers inside your fridge to maintain its form. Freezing nuts, seeds and dried fruits could also be done to prolong shelf life. Health and fitness are essential for your happiness and well being…