Secret Training Tips Of Celebrities

So you dream of owning a nice sexy figure like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez? Maybe building some incredible muscles like Hugh Jackman’s at a mature age? Ever wonder how Scott Adkins has a lot of muscle whilst still maintaining his speed and agility?? How do these busy personalities manage their time with work-outs? Worry no more. We have more information to inspire you and help spark up your motivation. Turn your dreams into reality as we share to you the secret training tips of your favourite celebrities!

What’s in it for them?

Easy – fame. Most celebrities with hot sexy bodies get the most endorsements, projects, fans and contracts from major production companies. Having a perfect body is a plus since they live in a world where everything about the physical appearance matters. People always critic or praise them in either way, so they must always appear naturally pleasing to the eyes of the audience. Famous celebrities often carry a huge amount of determination and motivation when they head the gym to work out. Alongside with the positive attitude comes big pressure as well.

Pushing harder

According to Harley Pasternak, a Los Angeles trainer who worked at the gym with Jessica Simpson, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, it’s usual for celebrities to live a busy life. Therefore, the time they allot for gym work outs shouldn’t take longer than their preference. Also, they don’t enjoy it as much when people start to take stolen pictures of them during their training. With these thoughts, Pasternak created a program to push the celebrities harder every session for them to burn more fats and calories in a shorter period of time. It is composed of numerous short but high-intensity routines that could be performed whenever and anywhere for their own convenience.

Shifting roles

David Kingsbury, a former MMA fighter with his own training gym studio for celebrities, shared his experience for working with Hugh Jackman for the past 2 years. When he first met Jackman, the man was very lean and close to normal human-built muscles than his present ultra-muscular body. Jackman told him his goals for the film contracts he had and Kingsbury immediately responded to his demands. He worked with Jackman for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week to build the gigantic muscles he had now. Their camaraderie went on for 2 years until the desired built was achieved. Hugh also worked along Scott Adkins in his movie X men Origins. This would have given him first hand experience of Scott Adkins exercise routine. For those of you who don’t know Scott, he played the character Deadpool as the stunt double for Ryan Reynolds.


Look confident in your clothes

Who wouldn’t believe that celebrities still feel conscious on their almost-perfect figures? Braganza, a former cheerleader, claims that the weighing scale isn’t the only way to tell if you’ve gained weight or remained fit. By fitting in her old cheerleader uniform, she could easily tell if she’s gained or not. She also added that she still feels confident on her body knowing her uniform from years ago still fits perfectly her figure.

Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry also felt the same when the very challenging role of Catwoman was given to them with the inclusion of tight body-hugging leather costume. Every curve, necessary or not, is very much visible to the eyes of the critics. Heidi Klum also managed to get back in shape after giving birth when the Victoria’s Secret fashion show became her motivation to walk the runway in confidence.

Walk, walk and walk

As what Pasternak noticed, most people who walk a lot show a fitter and healthier builds than those who slack off. Pasternak recommended walking at least 10,000 steps a day for a healthier lifestyle if you couldn’t squeeze proper exercise into your busy schedule. Celebrities who went into this program include new mommies and celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and Megan Fox. Pasternak recommended this since new moms couldn’t go on a heavy training right away after giving birth. He recommended walking or strolling with the babies as an easier form of exercise for them.

Extreme determination

For the film Wolverine, Hugh Jackman consistently trained harder than anybody else to achieve his desired body in just 5 months. Kingsbury claimed that the results weren’t noticeable at first but began to boost when they were working on their third month. It was Jackman’s extreme determination to fully internalize his character in the movie.

Identifying your body shape

Not all routines that your idols undergo are effective for everyone. Kirsch, a celebrity trainer, clearly explained that the body shape must be identified first before jumping into a routine work out. For example, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore both appear to possess a fit body. However, little did we know, their bodies are shaped differently whenever they gain weight.

Jennifer Lopez is a pear-shaped, wherein her weight is mostly centered on her thighs and butt. Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, is an apple-shaped where her gained fats go directly to her midsection. Rowing machines, planks and boxing are among the recommended routines for apples. Also, pull-ups and bench presses could add up to the emphasis on your upper extremities. Alternatively, pears should avoid heavy leg exercises to avoid building bulk in the lower part of the body.

Find time

If you think you’re too busy to get started with your dream body, think again. Celebrities are busy people too, living the stardom and fame with all eyes on them wherever they go. They schedule many appointments, meet new people and still head onto the gym afterwards for a couple of hours. Hugh Jackman started working out at least an hour a day until he was very eager to push himself with 3-4 hours maximum.

List down your little accomplishments

Whether you’ve lost 30 lbs or you managed to replace soda with water, write it down. Your little accomplishments would eventually motivate you when you feel like giving up one day. Through this, your goals are clear to you once everything is blurry and you don’t see a single difference from your body after trying so hard. You would realize how these little ones helped you reach bigger goals when you put everything together. Appreciate your efforts as well as your achievements. Remember the saying, “No pain, no gain”.

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