Importance Of A Healthy Breakfast

A very important meal of the day, which also tends to be always missed at the same time, is none other than… Breakfast. For some people, skipping breakfast plays a factor for their weight loss regime. It has been a notion going around for many years that skipping meals will make losing excess fat easier. However, a number of studies had proved the total opposite of this belief.


In reality, people who skip the first meal are those who actually eat more and consume higher calories throughout the day to satisfy their hunger. Eating bigger meal portions and high-calorie snacks a few times a day both do not contribute to helping an individual lose weight. It is still recommended to frequently eat smaller portions of meals containing the same total amount of calories daily. An easy healthy breakfast can be the difference between being at peak optimal condition or being a mere shadow of your former self, check out some of the many advantages;

Body burns calories while sleeping

If you think the calories remain intact when you sleep, you are wrong. The body still burns calories even when you sleep, accounting for the nutrients’ digestion all throughout the night. However, since the body is at rest, fewer calories are burnt during sleeping. Calories account for the body’s ability to gain weight; therefore, a good pump up would suffice to burn them properly right when you wake up.

Kids need it most

More than the adults, kids need to eat breakfast and must not practice to skip the habit at a young age. Important nutrients are best absorbed during breakfast that may aid in helping their bodies grow and develop more brain activity. Studies show that children who do not eat the most important meal of the day are usually the poor performers in school.

Activate metabolic rate

In order to stay in shape, it is best not to skip breakfast the moment you start the day. Eating breakfast serves as a fuel to start up the engine (metabolism) after several hours of break. It activates the metabolic rate faster than an early morning exercise.

What happens when you skip breakfast

Usually, blood sugar levels drop significantly when you skip breakfast accompanied by a slow metabolic rate. Since it has been several hours since you last ate and drank, your body may feel a little less energetic than the usual. In addition to that, the low sugar levels account for craving more by the time you’re ready for a meal during lunch, snack or dinner time.

On the other hand, eating a healthy breakfast satisfies the contained hunger, making you feel more nourished which helps in preventing you from eating too much throughout the entire day.

Nonetheless, most people still prefer to skip breakfast not because they want to, but because certain circumstances prevent them from doing so. Here are some reasons why some do not eat breakfast and tips on how to make it possible for some people:

Time is valuable

Busy individuals claim that they do not have enough time to eat breakfast to rush for work every morning. That’s easy! You could try preparing your breakfast at night, like for example a sandwich; so that when you wake up, all you have to do is grab that food for a quick munch.

If you still do not have time to prepare at night, buy healthy snacks at the grocery like fruit juice, milk or bread. These foods do not need more time to prepare; you could simply eat it right away.

And if by chance you still cannot do that, you may stuff your office drawer with some breakfast finger foods, so that when you get there early, you could eat a little first before the working hours roll by.

My personal preference is to have a delicious green smoothie for breakfast, they are best consumed fresh. If you are worried about waking everyone then here are the quietest blenders on the market.

Exercise over breakfast

Experts agree that a meal before exercise in the morning will boost your metabolism during the workout. It triggers your body to burn more calories when you exercise. However, some people feel uncomfortable performing exercise after eating. This is not a problem. Eating bread, biscuit or even a banana before your routine exercise will do the trick. Through this technique, your metabolism will advance greater than before.

Conversely, a full meal must be eaten at least an hour before indulging into a heavy workout to avoid health complications. Remember, no matter how big or small your breakfast would be, it is already enough to trigger a fantastic metabolism response.

Overeating at night

Some people, who choose neither exercise nor rush out to get to work early, have a different reason behind skipping breakfast. That is because they do not feel hungry just yet. Overeating at night plays a big factor for people who belong in this category. Suggested low-calorie snacks include an apple, whole-grain cereals, fruit-flavored yogurt and the likes.

There are some that don’t recommend breakfast, try to keep in mind that every ones body is differen’t and listen to your body and do what is best for you



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