If Celebrities Have Cellulite Then It Is A Problem

No matter how much some people insist that celebrities are physically flawless, that doesn’t erase the truth that they are just not perfect. They are human beings like us. They have to put up with that same nasty morning breath we hate. They fart. They burp. They also stink when they don’t take a bath. They make mistakes. And, they have cellulite.

However when your job depends on it, you will get yourself into shape, you loo presentable as often as you can but in spite of all of that big shot celebrities have problems with cellulite. Most people want to completely get rid of their cellulite but what they should be wondering is how to reduce cellulite.

iggy azalea celluliteRemember that picture of rapper Iggy Azalea where she was wearing a skimpy pink bikini and her butt cellulite were exposed for the whole world to criticize?  She received massive flak from ‘keyboard warriors’ (mostly social media folks who hide behind fake names) for having  flawed ass skin. (mind the pun) However, the ‘Fancy’ artist burned all of them when she sort of said, “I have butt cellulite, and I love and embrace every single dimple.” Boss!

Anyways, this article is quite inspired by that specific situation. I want to play around the topic “celebrity cellulite”. Now, how do I go from here?

Well, these stars receive some decent enough compensation that they could absolutely afford all these anti-cellulite treatments and products. There are, like, laser operations that aim to fix imperfect skin. They last from minutes to a couple of sessions. There are lotions that promise anyone perfection within weeks of constant, devoted and dogged application. Even “regular” people can afford any of these.

If Iggy is already a superstar and she already has millions in her bank account, why has she failed to act on her butt cellulite?  She probably knows she’s a famous personality, so she probably also has an idea that she’s under public scrutiny all the time. You know what I’m saying?  She’s a celebrity and she’s supposed to look perfect!  How come has she failed to realize that?

The thing is… it’s none of my friggin’ business. None of yours. None of theirs. None of anyone else’s. It’s Iggy’s problem alone. And, anyways, I don’t think her butt’s state affects her craft that much.

Why not we talk about her talent rather than her physicality?  Why not we appreciate the fact that she’s good at rapping and she’s inspired millions of people around the globe through her sassy music?  Why not we appreciate the person that she is?

Why don’t we stop talking about celebrities’ cellulite?  Their flaws?  Their not being perfect?  Why don’t we talk about their being great at what they do?  Why don’t we talk about the good about them?

Again, celebrities aren’t on point all the time. They lose their cool. They get drunk. They have bad days like us.

We should look at them as real human beings.

I hope I made sense and you learned something from a quite disorganized train of thoughts you just went through. What I want to say is that we should stop being superficial. We should stop this madness of judging people based on how they look like.

See, each one of us is unique. Each has a unique face, body built, and set of talents. It’s just quite stupid to try to fit in all people into one single “perfect” prototype because, duh, nothing and no one is perfect.

No one should be considered the very standard. Standards must not even exist. That only impedes us, people, from improving and the world from progressing. Having these stupid standards only halt us from appreciating other forms of beauties. The world is diverse, you guys. There are many absolutely stunning, stellar things. Be diverse when you think because greatness comes in many forms. Each one is gold.



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