Starting A Raw Food Diet

rawfoodpyramidGetting the most out of the healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables is not as tricky as you think for a raw food diet. Experts believed that cooked foods have a high tendency of losing vitamins and minerals during the process since the helpful enzymes which play important roles in our body are destroyed when cooking. Also, the use of additives or preservatives when cooking could contribute to destruction of the vital nutrients. In order to avoid this and to maintain the freshness, you could start eating a raw food diet. An effective diet requires extensive research for your desired weight and ideal healthy lifestyle.


One could get lots of benefits from practicing this diet but must also be careful to watch out for the lack of nutrients that could only be found in meats, fish, pastries and other cooked foods.

The most noticeable effect of raw food diet is losing unnecessary weight, which is primarily due to low calories, sodium and fat offered by the fresh raw foods. Also, most foods included in this diet are high in fiber, which promotes good digestion, the raw food diet is a natural colon cleanse method.

Food Choices

The range for your food choices include beans, dried or fresh fruits, raw vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains. Most of these foods could be unprocessed and could be eaten without cooking, the usual way we eat it even before starting the raw food diet. You could make use of kitchen tools such as blenders and food processors as well.

Some of the foods you should try include varieties from eggs, dairy products, raw fish and raw meats. Though eating raw fish and meat products are not highly recommended due to food poisoning incidents, you could also warm or heat it a little by not exceeding 118° F or 48° C.

Just remember to wash and clean your food thoroughly in running water before you prepare to eat it. Safety is our main concern.

Gather Information

Before becoming an advocate for a healthy raw food diet, you must start first by learning the basic knowledge and concepts of uncooked food regimen. Through this, you could fully enjoy its philosophy and purpose. Read through the internet or go to the library and bookstores for the search of valuable information, this should include historical backgrounds and nutritional analysis.

Join a Group

If you’re afraid of trying it on your own, look for someone or a friend who is willing to start together with you or a group of individuals who are on the same track as you are. Look for online groups available in your community and international organizations who could share new information and ideas to you. With the use of social media as a form of marketing nowadays, you could also easily find helpful groups in Facebook and Twitter who organize events and meet-ups for enthusiasts. It is also the best place wherein you could ask questions.

Don’t Be Scared

It’s your first time and you’re totally scared or grossed of the fact that you need to eat uncooked foods. Don’t give too much worry on it when you doubt the flavor and the idea of eating the foods raw. Some people find serenity from eating raw fruits and veggies, since they are losing weight yet gaining more nutrients from it.

Ease of Preparation

Since the foods do not need to be cooked, the preparation will only take you a couple of minutes from washing to slicing your food. You could start munching as soon as you finish preparing. Also look for ingredients that could be easily available in your area and with the cheaper value compared to those which need shipping from other towns.

Use of Kitchen Tools

To complete your raw food diet, you could provide yourself the right kitchen tools that are more appropriate for organizing fresh foods. With the right tools, you could save more time and energy from preparing your meal. Some basic useful tools include sharp knives, durable chopping board, blenders, juicers and food processors. When buying, always make sure that everything is easy to use and clean to avoid inconvenience in your part.

Best Source of Food

It is advisable to purchase organic fruits and vegetables for people who practice raw food diet. This is because the conventionally grown crops are usually exposed to the use of pesticides and other chemicals. However, organic foods are often priced a little bit higher than the inorganically grown crops. So you might want to plant and harvest your own for your preference. Start with easy plants where you could harvest your food for a few weeks right away. Also consider the size of plant boxes and the required amount of sunlight for their optimal growth.

Recommended Foods

As mentioned above, the foods do not limit the person that much. There is a wide variety of raw foods to choose from. Make sure you stock up with a variety of green veggies and fruits in your kitchen counter. As for the sprouts, you can change the water in the jar as frequent as every 5 days. You could also purchase dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, coconut, goji berries, mangoes, apricot and apples. Almonds, beans, grains, legumes and sunflower seeds are also recommended. Apple cider vinegar is the vinegar of choice for its high malic content which aids in the digestion of proteins. Seaweeds such as nori, hijiki, wakame and dulse flakes, commonly used in Japanese cuisines, are best known for their anti-cancer properties. The use of oil, salt, herbs and spices will also boost your taste preference in raw food diet.


Since raw foods are unprocessed and uncooked, their deterioration time is quicker than the usual prepared foods. You must be able to consume them right away to enjoy the freshness and crispiness of your meal. If you prefer to eat it later, you may store the food in airtight containers inside your fridge to maintain its form. Freezing nuts, seeds and dried fruits could also be done to prolong shelf life. Health and fitness are essential for your happiness and well being…


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