Toxins Found In Cosmetics

toxins-in-cosmetics_It isn’t unknown to many of us that cosmetics contain various chemicals used to retain the effect of beauty products for a while. The manufacturing companies claimed that the amounts of the dangerous substances included in their products are highly regulated to meet the standards required internationally. However, with the constant use of cosmetics daily, many of us become prone to certain diseases, some of them are fatal.

To help consumers develop awareness, here is a short list of dangerous chemicals that are commonly found in popular cosmetics:


These substances could be generally found in most products such as shampoos, lotions, fragrances and even bottles of nail polish. Phthalates are generally toxins that are hard to avoid when buying cosmetics over-the-counter in the U.S. Though they are considered as toxins, most manufacturers still use them up to the present for the belief that the amount included in the product is used with proper regulation.

With that being said, a famous American company proudly verified that FDA has approved the use of phthalates in cosmetics and haven’t classified it as a potential health risk. However, prolong and continuous exposure to phthalates contributes to factors involving cancer, birth defects and infertility.


Famously known to be present in high concentrations, lead made it to the headlines of fashion and health literatures after being found in lipsticks. . Lead is a toxic metal, usually present in the form of a contaminant in lipsticks. It is also linked to serious diseases such as cancer and birth defects.

Through the use of lipsticks, women ingest this toxin unknowingly after some time of usage. Since the law against the use of lead in paints was permitted internationally, more women became aware of its health hazards.


Formerly known as a preservative to prolong shelf life of some cosmetics, Parabens are added to products to avoid wastage on the manufacturer’s part at the expense of risking the consumers’ lives. With the unique capability of mimicking the body’s hormones, Parabens are believed to be a causative agent of breast cancer and some reproductive diseases.


Also believed to cause breast cancer, aluminum is often found as a base of most antiperspirants. Its action includes blocking the sweat glands of the armpits temporarily. Some theories link the use of antiperspirants rich in aluminum to breast cancer, since most breast cancer cells begin from the part closest to the armpits. It is believed that aluminum is absorbed by the epidermis layer of the skin when damaged during shaving. Studies also show that aluminum could react with the cells and affect the natural function of estrogen hormone on women, which plays a vital role in reproductive organs.


There are lots of beauty products out in the market today promising wonderful results when you apply it to your skin. Always check the label before buying to make sure that the cosmetics are toxin-free. You could also opt for organic cosmetics manufactured by concerned beauty companies worldwide. Remember, nothing could be more essential than your own health.


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